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composite stoke where | digital offset prints with covers cast from recycled polyethylene | 2015 - 2016 | 11 1/4" x 14" (closed) 39 1/2" x 41 1/4" (fully opened)

A book of photographs, scans, and poems registering the heterogeneity of Graceland Cemetery. It eschews direct attention to death representation and instead captures latent interactions between putatively separate yet interdependent systems often subsumed under funerary signification. These include: forestry, the transatlantic legacies of picturesque and botanic landscape architectures, and the diverse (sometimes divergent) programming including funerals, tours, historic preservation, and park-like recreation.

The book’s format enacts this categorical stoking. The sequencing is tangential, not taxonomic, and the pages are tri-folding sheets that allow for re-combinatory comparison of the printed matter—one to six pages may be viewed concurrently. This form resists spatial entrenchment of its information where pages remain in static order and settle into stiff codification as they are primed by their neighbors. Yet, as it is bound and not a folio, there remains a prescribed, if circumspectly, circulation through the book. There are repeated images, and every combinatory permutation is not available. Rather than use the crop of the photograph, scan, poem, or page to represent discrete things speciously minted from their own immanence, the crop courts difference and interdependence. Tenuous distinctions conflate and beckon recognition of obscured transmissions between purportedly disparate things.